This week we discuss money; more specifically, how to refer to dollars and cents in text.  I’ll let your financial advisor help you with the trickier task of earning those dollars and cents.

Generally, when referring to dollars, use the dollar sign—don’t spell out “dollars”—and when identifying reasonably round figures greater than one million, use the word “million” rather than a long series of zeros, e.g.:

  • $250 million; $30 billion
  • The Six Million Dollar Man (an exception to the “use a dollar sign” rule)

Indicate both dollars and cents for an even dollar amount only if there are references in the sentence to other mixed dollar and cents amounts; otherwise, use only the dollar figure, e.g.:

  • Edwards sought $293,436.00 in attorney fees and $14,272.92 in costs.
  • The court entered judgment in the amount of $277,882.

And finally, use a comma in numbers with more than three digits, e.g.:

  • $2,750
  • $12,000

That is all for now …

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