Was Brazil’s loss incredible … or incredulous?

Many writers make the mistake of using “incredulous” when they really mean “incredible.”  Such malapropos can be amusing when employed as a comedic device, but an unintentional error will have the reader laughing at you—rather than with you.

So what’s the difference?  “Incredible” describes something that astounds, especially in a pleasing way, e.g.,

  • Ron obtained an incredible trial result.
  • The view from the Tooth of Time was incredible.

But far too often the Scribe sees something like this:

  • Did you see the incredulous sunrise this morning?

Yikes!  Incredulous should not be used interchangeably with incredible.  Incredulous describes a state of being disbelieving, doubting, or skeptical.  It should never be used to describe an amazing event.

That is all for now …

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